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Mattress Tips For Better Buying Power

You do want better sleep and more home comfort, right?

These mattress tips are meant to break it all down so you don’t have to be a mattress expert to understand what is what. Let’s face it, today’s mattress buying is increasingly more difficult as more mattress brands and mattress models enter the marketspace.

Rest assured; the Sleep Center is a trusted authority on mattresses. Our store owners, Thane Taylor and Steve Branham, are not only mattress experts but also co-authors of the renowned Mattress Professor consumer education guide, providing comprehensive insights on this important topic.

No matter what words or products any salesperson pushes your way, it all boils down to two points—comfort and support. Let's review our basic principles of Comfort and support.

• Comfort. It requires a varying degree of comfort to relieve pressure points, allowing proper blood circulation while you are supported and providing you with a truly restful sleep surface.

• Support. It takes a certain amount of support to resist sag from your body's weight and to hold your back properly in place, which is critical. Soft, balanced resistance keeps your body from falling to the ground while counteracting your body's weight from gravitational pull.

You will gain the best comfort through a guided tour of different mattress models that vary from plush to firm in feel, plus a range of innerspring, foam, and hybrid mattress sets to properly match your body type to the optimal sleep system. It all comes down to the ideal balance between comfort and support, so keep that in mind when laying down and trying out any mattresses and/or with any mattresses you like.

Remember, compromising on either comfort or support can lead to sleep issues and a need for a new mattress sooner than you think. Our dedicated mattress experts, who always prioritize these principles, are ready to guide you through a 'Test Rest' of various models on our showroom floors. Your unique body type and lifestyle are key factors in determining the best mattress for you. Visit us for personalized assistance.

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